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Michel Petrucciani по просьбам членов сообщества выложен Michel Petrucciani - на FTP в одноименную папку. время жизни - 05.07.2005

[1981] Michel Petrucciani
[1983] 100 Hearts
[1984] Live at the Village Vanguard
[1986] Power of Three
[1989] Music
[1991] Playground
[2004] Dreyfus Night in Paris
[2004] So What [The Best of Michel Petrucciani]

По информации AllMusicGuide:

Born Dec 28, 1962 in Orange, France
Died Jan 6, 1999 in Paris, France
Genres Jazz
Styles Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop
Instruments Piano

Michel Petrucciani overcame the effects of osteogenensis imperfecta (a bone disease that greatly stunted his growth) to become a powerful pianist. Originally greatly influenced by Bill Evans and to a lesser extent Keith Jarrett, Petrucciani developed his own individual voice. He started by playing in the family band with his guitarist father and bassist brother. At the age of 15 he had the opportunity to play with Kenny Clarke and Clark Terry, and at 17 he made his first recording. Petrucciani toured France with Lee Konitz in a duo (1980) and moved to the U.S. in 1982. At that time he coaxed Charles Lloyd out of retirement and toured with his quartet, a mutually beneficial relationship. Petrucciani was a strong attraction in the U.S., usually playing with a quartet (sometimes featuring Adam Holzmans synthesizer for color) or as a soloist; in 1986 he recorded at Montreux with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter. Although Petruccianis ability to overcome his affliction was admirable, his impressive playing stood by itself; he died of a pulmonary infection on January 6, 1999.


К слову об удаленном посте Напомню [info]download_cd - это музыкальное сообщество, но ни в коем случае не место выяснения отношений. тем более в негативной форме.

PS: Если кто-либо имел проблемы с муз. форматом сообщества, просьба отписаться в комментарии. Я на своей памяти могу припомнить максимум случая 2.

Спасибо за понимание.

Hypo (2004 г.): «Random Veneziano»

Label: Active Suspension
Catalog#: ACD 09
Format: CD
Country: France
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Avant Pop
Bitrate: VBR
Size: 60.3
Notes: This album was recorded in 2003. All the tracks were made and played by Anthony Keyeux, except : Free Days, Mambotutu & Instrumental by Anthony Keyeux & Emmanuelle de Héricourt (New York). Relax Max MSP by Anthony Keyeux & O.Lamm (Paris). Voice and Lyrics on The Perfect Kill by Momus (Berlin). Voice and Lyrics on Rigoldrum & General Papa by Sawako (Tokyo). Voice and Lyrics on Destino by Simon Wess (Montrйal). Benny Björn Has Gone Forever & Second Hand Kotva contain samples provided by Sawako. Destino & Porn Potato contain samples provided by Mou Lips (Pescara). Free Days contains samples provided by Plastic Dogs. The Lost Operette contains sounds from a video by Nathalie Bles ("Whats done is done, a tribute to Chris Burden"). Serpentinouze, Relax Max MSP & New World Menuet contain samples from the album Pellicule by Davide Balula (used by kind permission). Recorded & Mixed by Hypo. Mastered by Norscq.
Photography : Jean François Lepage
Art Direction : Event10
Model : Jedrek Zagorski

“Self-discursive, twisted, falsely tacky and truly engaging electronic pop music, Random Veneziano is probably the sexiest piece of post-modernism around.”

“Introduced by the English label Spymania, Hypo, aka Anthony Keyeux from Paris/ France, followed his own playful-electro peregrinations on A.S. Hes just back w/ another falsely heterogeneous collection of songs, for his 3rd real album "Random Veneziano", a hectic blend of bubble-gum pop bits, bedroom orchestra, messy glicksncuts, noisy pop overtones, synthetic new wave waste, plunderphonic hijacking... Hypo twists and strangles pop music, proudly violating sacred boundaries and conventions.”

Они не просто написали великолепные поп-песни с застревающими во всех местах человеческого тела мелодиями, а снабдили их безупречными психоделическими аранжировками с редко проскальзывающими необычными звучками. Получилось зашибись — Джефферсон Эйрплейн meets Яна Елинека.

Если это дейстительно так прекрасно, то может кто нибудь выложит?

Имхо смесь Тиндеров с какими-нибудь Фанлавинкриминалз, плюс латино и текстурность мелодий. Очень красиво.

в папке ~constttlinoleum

Dj Chak «Keep Funk Alive!»

отличный микс dj Chakа: real funk/soul of 70s
лучший из тех его 4х миксов что я слышал, не считая конечно живого выступления
68 megs, 128 kbps

Скачать и оставить своё мнение (не при себе):

Dj Chak "Keep Funk Alive!" (2002, recorded at home on two 1210 turntables & vestax 06 mixer / one take )

Part One
The Mohawks "Beat Me Till Im Blue"
Zacks Nkosi "Half n Half"
Oneness of Juju "African Rhythms"
Funky Drummer (beats)
James Brown "Stone to the Bone"
C.Case & A.Cooper "Tales of the stolen Funk..."
James Brown "Givin up Food for Funk"
Super Fat Originals - promo (bootleg)
Soul Drums Vol.3 "Lancing"
Super Fat Originals - promo (bootleg)
Kool & The Gang - promo (bootleg)
The Mohawks "Champ"
Yellow Sunshine "Yellow Sunshine"
Breakestra "Hampy Dump"
Breakestra "The Live mix pt.2"
Manfred Krug "Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt"

Part Two
Lalo Schifrin "Tabu"
Cedar Walton "Jacobs Ladder"
Barry White "Strange Games"
Unknown "Dont Stop Ever Lovin me" (bootleg)
Unknown Instrumental (bootleg)
Unknown "No Fire is to Hot No Snow is to Cold" (bootleg)
Sly Stone "Rock Dirge"
Patsy Gallant "Itll All Come Around"
Barry White "Strange Games & Things" (long version)
Funk Factory "Rien Ne Va Plus"
Barbara Mason "A God Man is Gone"
Janco Nilovic "Supa Pop Impression"
Sammy Nestico "Shore Line Drive"

Из цикла "По заявкам" Вниманию [info]158advocate!

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring (live; 1989; CBR128)

(Smog) - Red Apple Falls (1997; CBR160)

Нужно ли говорить, что это - две совершенно разные музыки. Помещены в одном постинге в целях экономии места :)
Джоан Баэз - американский фолк, латино фолк, софт-рок.
(Smog) - lo-fi.

На фтп папка ~karakal. Полежит некоторое время. Скорее всего, недели две.

Антидот Морчибы, с большими приключениями по скачке откуда был выложен, имеет наличие присутсвовать на фэтэпе.

billy corgan - 2005 - the future embrace billy corgan - 2005 - the future embrace
192-320kbps, Permanent TTL

Свежий сольник легендарно-культового Коргана, сам еще не расслушал, но от поверхностного ознакомления впечатления остались приятные, пишите свои мнения.

Лежит на моем сервере, доступен для всех ip, удалять не планирую.

[» папочка на сервере]

1. All Things Change
2. Mina Loy (M.O.H.)
3. The Camera Eye
4. ToLoveSomebody
5. A100
6. DIA
7. Now (And Then)
8. Im Ready
9. Walking Shade
10. Sorrows (in blue)
11. Pretty, pretty STAR
12. Strayz

Molotov 20 (2001 г.): «Mechanical Love» специально для [info]ksenia_blondie часть 3

Format: CD
Country: UA
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Trip Hop / Hardcore / Electro / Hard Trance / Industrial / DrumnBass / Lounge
Bitrate: 320
Size: 160.3

Проект Шуры из СКРЯБІНа. С участием Кузьмы.
Альбом включает произведения из self-titled кассетного издания 1996-го года.
Отсебятина: два lo-fi бонус-трэка, перегнанных с того самого издания, не вошедших на компакт.

На пробу: 5, 8.

1. Open
2. Turka Rave
3. Electrosignal
4. Prelude
5. Blood
6. Iron Violin
7. Feel So Good
8. Eyes Mix
9. No Beck Up
10. Frozen
11. One
12. Touch Me
13. Close
14. Cut [lo-fi bonus track 1996]
15. XTC (Kristina) [lo-fi bonus track 1996]

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