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[13.09.2007 0:41:53] Ertan says: i am sending a ray of diarrhea to Owen

[13.09.2007 0:42:53] Datch says: england of course

[13.09.2007 0:47:47] Ertan says: 2 goals from Owen it was a mistake !!!!

[13.09.2007 0:48:05] Ertan says: the real goal is from Ferdinand only

[13.09.2007 0:48:14] Ertan says: damn damn damn!!!!!

[13.09.2007 3:49:03] Datch says: did you loose hun?

[13.09.2007 12:20:34] Ertan says: yep england won 3-0 an russians goal was not included

[13.09.2007 12:22:50] Datch says: not included??? Russia scored but nobody noticed? :)

[13.09.2007 12:31:27] Ertan says: russia scored but the arbiter which is from Sweden consider is as "hand helping" - if i tell you that there were no hand- you believe me?

[13.09.2007 12:33:24] Datch says: ok not a hand-job, the swedes cannot be trusted anyway they are a bunch of wankers, big time

[13.09.2007 12:33:42] Datch says: hmmmm ... hand-job

[13.09.2007 12:34:25] Ertan says: yes you always think only of this))))

[13.09.2007 12:40:09] Datch says: not always ... sometimes i think about other kind of jobs

[13.09.2007 17:05:05] Ertan says: imagine 4 days i have slept 3 hours per night and i have a panic attack again :S

[13.09.2007 17:16:52] Datch says: panic for what?

[13.09.2007 17:18:29] Ertan says: panic attack=diagnosis

[13.09.2007 17:26:34] Datch says: and what do you do then? panic of course ... but more specifically

[13.09.2007 17:56:23] Ertan says: well then i usually use yoga and the dog or eagle pose)))) it helps.....

[13.09.2007 17:57:46] Datch says: tyr the bear pose (hug)

[13.09.2007 17:57:51] Datch says: try...

[13.09.2007 18:15:35] Ertan says: i tried tu turn the head like his but my  head degan to swim((

[13.09.2007 18:17:42] Datch says: its only the ears you should move

[14.09.2007 13:33:33] Ertan says: Hi dear tell me what is the "well-paid job" for you ? please

[14.09.2007 13:35:09] Datch says: Just now i get 600 GBP/day, but i guess Moscow is an expensive place

[14.09.2007 13:36:46] Ertan says: ))))))) who  mentioned Moscow??? ;)

[14.09.2007 13:37:35] Ertan says: ?stop,you wanna work hear???????

[14.09.2007 13:40:48] Ertan says: wait you got 600 GBP per day but iamon ring was a problem????? oh God!!!!! :@(devil)(devil)

[14.09.2007 13:41:05] Datch says: yes sure, what other options do i have?

[14.09.2007 13:41:07] Ertan says: dear why you told me how much you earn, a?

[14.09.2007 13:41:40] Datch says: you asked what well paid is

[14.09.2007 13:42:28] Ertan says: well you can answer "well paid is/...." not " i get.."!!!

[14.09.2007 13:44:01] Datch says: just so you understand what i would require in case you can get me a job

[14.09.2007 13:45:41] Ertan says: i think that level of salary is impossible here if you are just an IT not a shareholder

[14.09.2007 13:46:33] Datch says: i am not "not just", if needed i can 1 share

[14.09.2007 13:50:34] Ertan says: oh sorry sorry of coz i know you are unic you are noy "just" and never be like that

[14.09.2007 13:51:17] Ertan says: (beer)

[14.09.2007 13:53:15] Ertan says: so you are rich too, richer than me)))

[14.09.2007 13:53:45] Datch says: cheers

[14.09.2007 13:54:02] Datch says: nooooo, you are better at spending your money wisely

[14.09.2007 13:54:28] Ertan says: wisely?

[14.09.2007 13:54:55] Datch says: yes wisely

[14.09.2007 13:55:02] Ertan says: how?

[14.09.2007 13:55:15] Ertan says: ( i am dumb today)

[14.09.2007 13:55:16] Datch says: sure you dont spend money on women and booze like me

[14.09.2007 13:56:00] Ertan says: you said you are not to drink much?

[14.09.2007 13:57:29] Datch says: right ... but quality costs

[14.09.2007 13:58:23] Ertan says: do you drink russian vodka?

[14.09.2007 13:59:19] Ertan says: (notice- all our conversations turn to vodka things))))

[14.09.2007 14:00:20] Datch says: if i do drink vodka i prefer the russian one, same for women

[14.09.2007 14:01:20] Ertan says: oh an expert )

[14.09.2007 14:01:42] Ertan says: and how much does cost russian vodka there?

[14.09.2007 14:03:45] Ertan says: just apporximately

[14.09.2007 14:04:37] Datch says: hard to buy expect those that are "international"

[14.09.2007 14:05:01] Datch says: but its more like buying champagne in the wrong places that consumes my budget

[14.09.2007 14:07:29] Ertan says: here alcohol is veryexpensive an me and my friends always buy bottles in duty-free shops abroad

[14.09.2007 14:10:40] Ertan says: normal for russians and good quality

[14.09.2007 14:12:37] Datch says: yes for those who can afford to travel that is of course an option, for me ... :(

[14.09.2007 14:13:10] Datch says: got a job-interview, see you later

[14.09.2007 14:14:21] Ertan says: ok good luck

[14.09.2007 14:14:36] Ertan says: i can send you vodka by post if you want)))

[14.09.2007 14:18:47] Datch says: sure (y)

[14.09.2007 14:19:26] Ertan says: anytime and i am serious)

[18.09.2007 22:03:22] Ertan says: hi dear miss you much

[18.09.2007 22:13:00] Ertan says: (F)

[19.09.2007 1:42:49] Datch says: what a declaration .... miss u 2

[19.09.2007 1:42:55] Datch says: (hug)

[19.09.2007 10:25:08] Ertan says: going to work?

[19.09.2007 10:25:20] Ertan says: my sweet bear

[19.09.2007 10:25:33] Datch says: yes quite soon - and you never work?

[19.09.2007 10:25:52] Ertan says: lets say i am never home

[19.09.2007 10:26:08] Datch says: well not to opposites

[19.09.2007 10:26:13] Datch says: ... two ..

[19.09.2007 10:32:01] Ertan says: i got raspberyy jam, very delicious,  and i prepared it by myself))) raspberry from my dacha, imagine

[19.09.2007 10:32:39] Datch says: cool - my little housewife

[19.09.2007 10:33:50] Ertan says: look what you say! you are ku-ku a little?

[19.09.2007 10:34:16] Datch says: non ho capito

[19.09.2007 10:35:14] Ertan says: wait a sec

[19.09.2007 10:38:00] Datch says: you, naked covered in jam that i can lick off?

[19.09.2007 10:38:02] Ertan says: oh i forgot- i am here via GPRS - very slowly... sorry

[19.09.2007 10:38:13] Ertan says: ))))))))))) no

[19.09.2007 10:38:22] Ertan says: just a pic

[19.09.2007 10:38:30] Ertan says: not me there

[19.09.2007 10:38:32] Datch says: why not, would be a great idea

[19.09.2007 10:38:49] Datch says: ok i got 20% now

[19.09.2007 10:38:54] Datch says: 27

[19.09.2007 10:39:04] Datch says: 31

[19.09.2007 10:39:12] Datch says: 37

[19.09.2007 10:39:15] Datch says: 47

[19.09.2007 10:39:52] Datch says: photo of the jam only?

[19.09.2007 10:40:27] Ertan says: how do you see it?- i pick a photocamera, then pick up a jam then get off my clothes then spread myself a jam and then make a shooting?

[19.09.2007 10:40:38] Datch says: better send when you are really online now you lost your connection

[19.09.2007 10:40:48] Ertan says: i feel you will be dissapointed by the pic(

[19.09.2007 10:41:46] Ertan says: well later maybe(

[19.09.2007 10:42:53] Ertan says: too much value for GPRS

[19.09.2007 10:43:38] Datch says: i gotta run, see ya later

[19.09.2007 10:43:52] Datch says: yeah

[19.09.2007 10:44:24] Datch says: sounds like the thing to do

[19.09.2007 10:44:52] Datch says: well at least the raspberries are there just your naked body missing

[19.09.2007 10:45:17] Datch says: i can get that next time

[19.09.2007 10:47:07] Ertan says: (o)(coffee)

[19.09.2007 10:47:23] Datch says: yes i am off

[19.09.2007 10:47:34] Ertan says: good day

[19.09.2007 10:47:46] Datch says: ty

[19.09.2007 23:45:34] Ertan says: what firewall you have installed on your comp tell me please?

[19.09.2007 23:45:48] Ertan says: if you dont mind

[22.09.2007 17:59:05] Ertan says: you offline anв my skype is being attacked by masses of sexy italians((((

[24.09.2007 20:00:47] Datch says: pc tools firewall

[24.09.2007 20:01:05] Ertan says: oh thanks)

[24.09.2007 20:03:24] Ertan says:  maybe :^) you know that Londons branch of Microsoft is a big shit?

[24.09.2007 20:03:58] Datch says: anythng from MS is shit

[24.09.2007 20:05:15] Ertan says: yes

[24.09.2007 20:05:43] Datch says: sorry can really chat right now, later ok?

[24.09.2007 20:05:53] Ertan says: ok :*

[25.09.2007 0:15:51] Ertan says: you currently available for talk or chat? ;)

[25.09.2007 0:16:34] Datch says: oh no i just love Gerrard, hes so qt

[25.09.2007 0:16:48] Datch says: or was it Rooney?

[25.09.2007 0:17:01] Ertan says: it was NO GERRARD!!!!! :D IT was ARSHAVIN

[25.09.2007 0:17:28] Datch says: who the heck s she?

[25.09.2007 0:17:33] Datch says: is

[25.09.2007 0:17:48] Ertan says: He is russian halfback

[25.09.2007 0:17:53] Datch says: and it is spelled shaving

[25.09.2007 0:18:10] Datch says: oh i see you like russian men now?

[25.09.2007 0:18:29] Ertan says: Arshavin plays in Zenith

[25.09.2007 0:18:50] Ertan says: no i just like him coz he mae goals and he is from SPb

[25.09.2007 0:19:00] Datch says: oh a fellow spb citizen

[25.09.2007 0:19:16] Datch says: altight comrade i forgive you

[25.09.2007 0:19:41] Ertan says: for what? you want Arshavin back? ;)

[25.09.2007 0:20:17] Ertan says: can you give me an advise?

[25.09.2007 0:20:28] Datch says: yes he has nice legs, i agree, advice?

[25.09.2007 0:20:44] Ertan says: yes advice

[25.09.2007 0:21:10] Datch says: certainly

[25.09.2007 0:21:24] Datch says: but it would not foloow it if i was you

[25.09.2007 0:21:35] Datch says: follow

[25.09.2007 0:25:15] Datch says: take your time :)

[25.09.2007 0:25:58] Ertan says: i need to improve  prouctivity of a Winows-2000 server and i have made all really all what Londons MS support tol us- but the resul is zero. I think the problem is in hard discs prosessing speed- but i am not sure... may be you know foreigh forums or chats where i can get a professional advice?

[25.09.2007 0:26:39] Datch says: what is the server doing?

[25.09.2007 0:27:24] Datch says: nothing professioal usually comes for free, the real experts does not use windows

[25.09.2007 0:27:49] Datch says: what is the bottleneck?

[25.09.2007 0:28:04] Datch says: you "think" it is the discs

[25.09.2007 0:28:13] Datch says: why

[25.09.2007 0:29:20] Ertan says: MS told us their prof supports cost 80 000 euro per year so i can pay but for real advices

[25.09.2007 0:30:18] Datch says: you are paying 80000 already?

[25.09.2007 0:30:28] Ertan says: cos all other eqiupment we changed as MS fellows instructed

[25.09.2007 0:30:34] Ertan says: no no no

[25.09.2007 0:30:51] Datch says: how many servers do you have?

[25.09.2007 0:32:04] Ertan says: many but only one self on Win 2000

[25.09.2007 0:33:53] Ertan says: it is look like all system waits when the hard disks  read information and it is too long

[25.09.2007 0:34:04] Datch says: looks like, meaning?

[25.09.2007 0:34:11] Ertan says: i go smoking

[25.09.2007 0:34:34] Datch says: ok

[25.09.2007 0:42:05] Ertan says: you know i understand servers like cow understans ballet but that  is all my system admin told me - so i deside to find a decision in internet if it is possibe i really dont know what to do- so i asked your advice


[25.09.2007 0:42:42] Datch says: well start by looking at the task manager

[25.09.2007 0:42:59] Ertan says: and?

[25.09.2007 0:43:56] Datch says: the process tab, you can add all kind of columns

[25.09.2007 0:44:24] Datch says: but i can take a look around for you, i usally dont care much about hw

[25.09.2007 0:46:27] Ertan says: me too

[25.09.2007 0:46:54] Ertan says: i am just tired

[25.09.2007 0:48:18] Datch says: me too

[25.09.2007 0:49:02] Ertan says: all can i tell you that this machine supplies around 300 shops

[25.09.2007 0:49:30] Ertan says: ok forget this i am sick about it :x

[25.09.2007 0:49:41] Datch says: one machine?

[25.09.2007 0:50:35] Datch says: lets try again tomorrow, i have been awake since 4am

[25.09.2007 0:51:03] Ertan says: ok dear dont mention it  i love you

[25.09.2007 0:51:17] Ertan says: go |-)

[25.09.2007 0:51:18] Datch says: love u 2

[25.09.2007 22:54:48] Ertan says: Lilia is total atas

[25.09.2007 22:55:35] Datch says: spanish?

[25.09.2007 22:55:52] Datch says: i need to go out to get some food

[25.09.2007 22:55:55] Ertan says: no, russian)

[25.09.2007 22:56:06] Datch says: oh russian

[25.09.2007 22:56:17] Datch says: means windows servers are shit?

[25.09.2007 22:56:27] Ertan says: atas= pizets

[25.09.2007 22:56:53] Ertan says: no it is not about win server although server it pizdets too

[25.09.2007 22:57:15] Ertan says: toay we were visited by a guy from MS))))

[25.09.2007 22:57:27] Datch says: atas = pizets , russian to russian translation?

[25.09.2007 22:58:11] Ertan says: well i ont know how to say it in english and "total shit" is very soft

[25.09.2007 22:58:41] Datch says: turd

[25.09.2007 22:58:50] Datch says: see you later

[26.09.2007 19:02:03] Ertan says: reading a love story about a knight and lady and crying


[27.09.2007 11:11:17] Ertan says: Have you seen new telephone PRADA?

[27.09.2007 11:11:36] Ertan says: ( although it is mae by LG)

[27.09.2007 11:15:39] Datch says: yes i have seen it looks nice, i have an LG Chocolate i got for free than one looks nice but it is really crap

[27.09.2007 11:15:56] Datch says: into latex now? mmmmmmmmmm

[27.09.2007 11:16:06] Ertan says: i knew you say that)))

[27.09.2007 11:18:08] Ertan says: you ont like latex? everyone yesterday liked that

[27.09.2007 11:18:09] Datch says: sorry gotta run, see you later

[27.09.2007 11:18:17] Ertan says: 8)ok

[27.09.2007 14:32:10] Ertan says: look this is Playboy in 90-s  http://sveta-my3blka.livejournal.com/70168.html?page=1&view=1212952

[27.09.2007 14:32:21] Ertan says: how natural they are

[28.09.2007 0:22:25] Ertan says: so?

[28.09.2007 0:23:56] Ertan says: (sun)

[28.09.2007 0:25:13] Datch says: 90s looks more like 60s

[28.09.2007 10:21:02] Ertan says: so?

[28.09.2007 10:35:52] Ertan says: (party)

[28.09.2007 10:38:52] Datch says: hi i was in the shower, naked so could not answer

[28.09.2007 10:39:12] Ertan says: naked?

[28.09.2007 10:39:52] Datch says: splitter naked

[28.09.2007 10:40:00] Ertan says: wow

[28.09.2007 10:40:26] Datch says: yes its a sight for gods, and now i am going to breakfast, dressed

[28.09.2007 10:40:52] Ertan says: why dressed, naked is more naturally

[28.09.2007 10:41:16] Datch says: its a hotel and i havent seen anyone naked a breakfast yet

[28.09.2007 10:41:54] Datch says: gotta run hough, a presto, bacione

[28.09.2007 11:21:06] Ertan says: wish you can congratulate me naked)))

[28.09.2007 20:48:22] Datch says: Sure, take of your clothes and  will congratulate you

[28.09.2007 20:51:57] Ertan says: (d)(d)(d)and (beer)

[28.09.2007 20:52:28] Datch says: yes i would love to get real drunk today

[28.09.2007 20:52:51] Ertan says:  i d like YOU to be naked)) first

[28.09.2007 20:53:36] Ertan says: as for me i took a half bottle of vine already

[28.09.2007 21:00:25] Datch says: i need to go buy some stuff, stay sober and   will be back

[28.09.2007 21:00:40] Datch says: ... I will be...

[28.09.2007 21:06:36] Ertan says: ..........back........

[28.09.2007 22:19:22] Ertan says: ...............tomorrow............

[28.09.2007 22:20:11] Datch says: ................................ now ..........................

[28.09.2007 22:20:23] Datch says: dont stress me woman

[28.09.2007 22:20:37] Ertan says: me? never

[28.09.2007 22:21:33] Ertan says: (angel)

[28.09.2007 22:21:39] Datch says: good then gve 20 minutes

[28.09.2007 22:21:57] Ertan says: for masturbation?

[28.09.2007 22:23:28] Datch says: no

[28.09.2007 22:24:18] Ertan says: for real sex?

[28.09.2007 22:26:49] Ertan says: oh i see not for real sex((((

[28.09.2007 22:27:09] Ertan says: for poo-poo maybe? ) pardon my french)

[28.09.2007 22:32:40] Ertan says: .......my guests coming soon....)))

[28.09.2007 22:33:09] Datch says: what is poo-po?

[28.09.2007 22:33:37] Datch says: sounds like youre into scat?

[28.09.2007 22:33:49] Ertan says: :x

[28.09.2007 22:39:36] Ertan says: Datch my patience almost ending :@

[28.09.2007 22:51:22] Ertan says: (envy)

[28.09.2007 22:51:27] Ertan says: я злая

[28.09.2007 23:02:49] Datch says: sorry

[28.09.2007 23:02:54] Datch says: dont stress me

[28.09.2007 23:03:20] Datch says: i am sorry mistress, please punsh me,  am your slave

[28.09.2007 23:09:24] Datch says: (envy)(yawn)(makeup)(hug)(F)

[28.09.2007 23:09:45] Datch says: are you masturbating?

[28.09.2007 23:10:19] Datch says: (o)

[29.09.2007 0:37:04] Ertan says: (wave)

[29.09.2007 0:37:15] Ertan says: hmmmmm punish you.........

[29.09.2007 0:37:24] Ertan says: let me think.................

[29.09.2007 0:37:54] Ertan says: you have to promice to satisfy my desire

[29.09.2007 0:58:59] Ertan says: bye good nite i idd inot got proper words from you today((( ;(

[29.09.2007 12:14:41] Ertan says: (sun)

[29.09.2007 12:15:08] Datch says: headache?

[29.09.2007 12:15:13] Ertan says: no

[29.09.2007 12:15:25] Ertan says: you?

[29.09.2007 12:15:37] Datch says: nope

[29.09.2007 12:15:59] Datch says: if i had it would be unfair as i did not drink anything

[29.09.2007 12:19:48] Ertan says: you did nnot?

[29.09.2007 12:21:32] Datch says: no but i am sure you did

[29.09.2007 12:34:05] Ertan says: i am cooking now)) cakes)

[29.09.2007 12:35:22] Datch says: cakes??

[29.09.2007 12:36:48] Ertan says: yes

[29.09.2007 12:37:10] Datch says: what kind of cake?

[29.09.2007 12:38:11] Ertan says: very v ery delicious))

[29.09.2007 12:38:24] Ertan says: i will send you a photo after all)

[29.09.2007 12:45:55] Ertan says: (^)

[29.09.2007 12:48:17] Datch says: yes great, then i can look and get hungry

[29.09.2007 12:51:46] Ertan says: thats it)

[29.09.2007 12:52:09] Ertan says: an fly here on the first plane ;)

[29.09.2007 12:52:37] Datch says: be sure that i can see you on the photo, that will make me even more hungry

[29.09.2007 12:53:29] Datch says: especially if you wear your short latex mini skirt

[29.09.2007 12:54:01] Datch says: i have to shower, dont look

[29.09.2007 12:57:12] Ertan says: take your webcam to the showre)

[29.09.2007 13:51:48] Datch says: to late

[29.09.2007 13:52:12] Datch says: i would have done that for you coz of your birthday

[29.09.2007 13:52:24] Datch says: but i am done showering

[29.09.2007 13:59:19] Ertan says: oh you noticed that i had a birthay??????? :O

[29.09.2007 16:03:23] Ertan says: (party)

[29.09.2007 16:09:29] Datch says: yes i thought i had sent an SMS but maybe i got interrupted in  the mddle of doing that

[29.09.2007 16:09:39] Datch says: 25 is a great age

[29.09.2007 16:09:53] Ertan says: no i am 24 only ;)

[29.09.2007 16:38:01] Datch says: yes but you look like 25

[29.09.2007 16:38:16] Datch says: the little wrinkle at your left eye

[29.09.2007 17:29:07] Ertan says: hmmmmmm  id id not get congratulationd from my best amica ( from Israel) from my brother Adam ( Berlin) and from you ( Datch)   - what the hell is it???

[29.09.2007 17:30:06] Datch says: because i am in Datch and i have no clue what that means

[29.09.2007 17:35:14] Ertan says: you know Adam also in Datch now)))-  something common))

[29.09.2007 17:36:01] Ertan says: sorry Datch means something unpleasant?

[29.09.2007 17:36:49] Datch says: no idea what it means

[29.09.2007 17:37:13] Ertan says: today you have no idea at all)

[29.09.2007 17:37:30] Datch says: do you mean the people who live in the Netherlands, the Dutch?

[29.09.2007 17:37:34] Ertan says: how about sex? "no idea" again?

[29.09.2007 17:38:06] Datch says: yes i do have ideas about sex

[29.09.2007 17:38:22] Ertan says: oh really? like what, for ex?

[29.09.2007 17:39:59] Datch says: my idea is to avoid it

[29.09.2007 17:40:19] Ertan says: )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (chuckle)

[29.09.2007 17:40:37] Datch says: like that idea?

[29.09.2007 17:40:43] Ertan says: power is gone away?

[29.09.2007 17:40:58] Datch says: i ran out of Viagra

[29.09.2007 17:41:02] Datch says: need new supplies

[29.09.2007 17:41:57] Ertan says: like BDSM dear?

[29.09.2007 17:43:39] Datch says: yeah thats cool - you?

[29.09.2007 17:44:10] Datch says: tell me bout your BSDM experinces i will be back soon

[29.09.2007 17:47:48] Ertan says: i did not ever got into Theam

[29.09.2007 17:52:04] Ertan says: vai, vai

[29.09.2007 17:52:09] Ertan says: a fanculo

[29.09.2007 20:38:42] Ertan says: Dialog)

[29.09.2007 20:38:45] Ertan says: <Sonium> someone speak python here?


<lucky> SSSSS

<Sonium> the programming language

[29.09.2007 20:42:03] Ertan says: <xxxGirlygirlxxx> Thank you for listening to me.

<xxxGirlygirlxxx> You know your a really good listener.

<xxxGirlygirlxxx> Sweety please say something.

<Sandaedar> Ok Im back.

[29.09.2007 20:57:19] Datch says: vaffanculo?

[29.09.2007 20:57:23] Datch says: perche

[29.09.2007 20:57:54] Ertan says: never mind

[29.09.2007 21:00:34] Datch says: not good enough as an answer

[29.09.2007 21:00:46] Datch says: you started to talk about bsdm

[29.09.2007 21:13:43] Ertan says: well that was  a kind of answer)

[29.09.2007 21:39:55] Datch says: hmmmm....bad conversation, or whatever we can call it

[29.09.2007 21:42:51] Ertan says: yes you are righr forgive me pls(

[29.09.2007 21:44:47] Ertan says: i am just in a ba mood a little- so nice weather an i have to all ay speak on mobile phone about work problems

[29.09.2007 21:55:35] Ertan says: damn that "D"!!!!! (devil)

[29.09.2007 22:02:30] Datch says: not your fault

[29.09.2007 22:02:56] Datch says: what work problems do you have on a saturrday? still your servers?

[29.09.2007 22:03:28] Ertan says: well yes and stupid idiots from accountant department

[29.09.2007 22:19:09] Datch says: hello goal

[29.09.2007 22:19:38] Datch says: what is your job? are you it-responsible?

[29.09.2007 22:25:56] Ertan says: no i told you i am a chief- accountant

[29.09.2007 22:31:38] Datch says: realy i dont listen then :(

[29.09.2007 22:31:59] Datch says: CFO

[29.09.2007 22:45:46] Ertan says: CFD

[29.09.2007 22:45:50] Ertan says: not O

[29.09.2007 22:46:57] Ertan says: you can also take your photo from web-cam an bring here)))  yes?

[29.09.2007 22:47:23] Ertan says: come one at least for a minute))

[29.09.2007 23:04:17] Ertan says: still hesitating?

"Тань, ты такая красивая, как дикая всадница. Видно, что ты отдохнула. Раньше ты смотрела на то, что вокруг,а сейчас на то, что вдали." (с)

вот такие комплименты мне делает, не поверите кто - любимый муж.

идет борьба за жизнь мотивации. в случае летального исхода, начну жизнь заново. отдамся в хорошие руки. 


Я один из немногих ночных жителей на канале. В тишине могу работать, могу думать, писать, могу почувствовать пространство своим. Думала перейти "в ночное", но тогда придется раздвоится - "дневная" Таня, которая носится и "ночная", которая думает. А связку "спать" вообще исключить. Пока, вообщем то, у меня так и получается. Такой идеальный солдат, работающий круглосуточно - мечта любого топ-менеджера.


так хочется кому то довериться полностью. раскрыться как цветок, прильнуть как зверек. отдать все самое лучшее в себе. дарить любовь. и чтобы мне верили.

ума хватило

Много знаков. Я увижу Кармапу. Видимо, в другой жизни я была лучше, чем в этой.) Вот ведь хватило ума.)))


Бывают ситуации, в которых совершенно невозможно разобраться. Вот, думаешь, взрослый, умный человек, чего тебе стоит разложить все по полочкам, сказать себе волевым решением: все, и глупости, поставить крестики, или нолики. А вместо этого - внутри детская буря, и совершенное непонимание, на какую клеточку следующий ход. Крестики-нолики вслепую. Переждать, пока закончится сердцебиение. Засунуть в рамочку, повесить замочек и выкинуть ключик. Но, что то в замочке заржавело и заклинило. Ведь уже дважды в жизни я так и не получила ответ на вопрос: почему?

полезный потенциал

Это что, для того,чтобы писать, надо быть порванным?
Это плата?
Иногда мне кажется, что во мне сидит гений, но он лентяй.
Потому что только лень объясняет его трусливость.
Некоторым дано от природы, а кто то наращивает мышцы.
Я пока лишь пользую свои полезные ископаемые.
Собираю камни из недр.
А может быть пора в спортзал? Ммм..ментальный.

на выбор

Косяком улетали птицы,
Уходили под землю крыши,
Оседали пряные листья,
Закидали ненужные мысли,
Умирали глупые чувства,
Уносились ветхие взгляды,
Оставалось одно безумство.
И на выбор:..награда? не надо?...

П.С. Прошу не проводить аналогию с "девочкой, пишущей романы". Все персонажы в ее голове вымышлены или скомпилированы.
она заранее признается, что треш - это вкусно.

Мы видим в других то, что есть в нас самих. И особенно четко то, что сильно есть в нас самих. И просто до мельчайших деталей то, с чем мы живем 24 часа в сутки в своей голове. Так, что же означает постоянное твое повторение слова "лицемерие"?

Кажется, у меня сегодня день вопросов. мир познаю.)

Рассказали чудесный рецепт, как лечить фронтит. Сегодня этим и займусь.


Открылась причина поведения некоторых: крысинные бега. Встретимся на дорожке.

ты где?

Очень хочется собственного пространства. Я почти не бываю одна. Лес бы мне да поле. Дом на опушке. Масляную лампу. Кресло-качалку... Запах книжек. Ку да это ме ня зо вет? Хочу себя повидать, соскучилась.


Сегодня у Темы ДР). Кто знает - поздравьте.) Уже бегу. Завтра буду ...задумчивая.)))

как мы отметили мой ДР на крыше

31,67 КБ 
На небе разлили краску...


9,85 КБ

шест-редактор с [info]udovolstviem
проводил время
37,63 КБ 
В эфир мы это решили не транслировать.

 36,94 КБ 
надя была с нами до победного, а Маша пока приглядывалась

 30,54 КБ 
и вот в ночи раздался шорох  

 26,13 КБ 
это был перникулер с бааальшими подарками

 32,23 КБ 
она подарила мне шерстяного белого ребенка, хм)

26,11 КБ
отец нашелся тут же... 

29,45 КБ

за что получил нарекания от [info]udovolstvie
28,79 КБ

но все закончилось хорошо!!

 23,91 КБ

вернее,  все только начиналось...

37,92 КБ

все продолжали получать [info]udovolstvie
39,98 КБ

34,67 КБ

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ну и финал, как водится...типа кто здесь?)) ЛБЮЮЛЮ ФСЕХХ, СПАСИБО ЗА ПРАЗДНИК, КРЫША НАС НЕ ЗАБУДЕТ.

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