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Doctor Nerve Никого не интересует?
Тяжёлый прогрессив/фьюжн, немного "кримзанутый". Агрессивный и истеричный. Есть два альбома: Skin (1995) и Every Screaming Ear (1997), содержащий несколько другие версии тех же треков, всякие эксперименты и джемы гитариста Ника Дидковски. Три трека ("Nerveware") написанны компьютерной программой, созданной Дидковски.
Всё 192 kbps.
И не поделится ли кто-нибудь другими альбомами?

Cerberus Shoal

Steam - Рисунки на камне


Gary Brooker - Within Our House/(No More) Fear Of Flying
Artist: Gary Brooker Ensemble
Album: Within Our House
Year: 1997
Bitrate: 320
On 28th September 1996, a crowd gathered at the beautiful 13th Century church of St Mary & All Saints in rural Surrey, England. The purpose was to rehearse and then perform two concerts in aid of church funds, the music varying from pastoral to gospel but all deemed appropriate!

The choir (numbering 16), string quartet, and organist were reading from music prepared in the weeks before by Gary Brooker, whilst the front line rock band played ad lib on acoustic instruments. The rector, the Revd. Geoffrey Willis, had managed to squeeze an audience of 150 into the ancient pews, half local congregation and half rock fans, and with 25 performers and the necessary staging and equipment, the little church was bursting at its sacred seams!
In the days before, Gary had decided to arrange a mobile recorder in case the unique evening turned out to be worth saving. As with any one-off effort, total perfection is not the objective, but rather to communicate to everybody present what live music is all about – Enjoying Yourself! and so bumps, groans, jokes, tuning, flying insects, and musical hesitancies, are all included as they happened, and as they were experienced by everybody that night.

The magnificent walls, arches, and windows of St Mary & All Saints have surely heard many sounds and words over its 700 year history, but as the echoes faded into the dark corners that night, it must have felt that something special had happened – it had – Within Our House.
/Gary Brooker/Gary Brooker Ensemble/Within Our House

Artist: Gary Brooker
Album: (No More) Fear Of Flying
Year: 1979
Bitrate: 320
Procol Harum fans (and I assume you are such or why the heck are you looking for Gary Brooker records ?! )Like a lot of you back in the early seventies I too judged a solo album by an ex-member of the Procol family by the same high standards we applied to that beloved entity.Thus: Robin Trowers guitar histrionics ala Hendrix were admirable, and Matthew Fishers pop oriented albums were nice, but nothing solo-wise was gonna fill the bill , because Procol Harum were the sum of their parts. Well thats the way I felt, too, until I picked this LP up in 1978. Staying faithful to a band you loved is one thing, its easy to forgive a member for a misguided attempt at self expression,but when a member of said band puts out an album as sastisfying as this one is..well,as we say in Oklahoma, "them grits got gravy!". Harum fans rejoice! Gary is singing with that magnificent voice, hes got the piano working like it should, and ol Keith Reids along for a couple of songs. It aint exactly Harum , but then it aint exactly not. George Martin produced this so its a tad too polite, if you know what I mean,and a little B.J. Wilson seasoning would have added some much needed chaos.Those caveats aside ;I give it a very high rating because Procol Harum fans wont be disappointed ,and if by some strange incident of computer mishap the Gary Brooker neophyte wandered through the garden fence by accident you just got lucky because one of the finest white soul voices out there is available for yer listening pleasure.Daves Fave; the completely un -Procol like "Angelina ".Its so cool, Herb Alpert cut an instrumental version on it!
/Gary Brooker/No More Fear Of Flying

www.musiclook.ru Добрый вечер!

Очень рад представить Вам новый www.musiclook.ru
Теперь следим и не только на просторах ЖЖ ;)


разыскивается! альбом Bamboo by Kazu Matsui

Sigue Sigue Sputnik (первые альбомы)

Robert Plant - Manic Nirvana (1991) (APE)

Для [info]piligrim и всех поклонников формата *ape и в тему сегодняшнего разговора о Планте. 
Случайно наткнулся тут на ссылки Manic Nirvana в lossless формате:

потрековый аре+сue(325mb)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Rar c 3% восстановлением
Pass: kpax

Ссылки на MP3 умышленно замыливаю, дабы не нарушать планов сообщества относительно Планта, к тому же они в vbr lameV0:-))
Удачного скачивания!

Jimi Hendrix Experience Друзья, а никто случайно не имеет в приличном битрейте сборник Jimi Hendrix Experience под названием BBC Sessions (1998)?

Serge Gainsbourg - Monsieur Gainsbourg revisited По просьбе [info]yuri_wut
об альбоме по-русски тут: http://news.mp3s.ru/view/news/2006/03/01/15168.html

35,64 КБ
Исполнитель: V.A.
Название альбома: Serge Gainsbourg - Monsieur Gainsbourg revisited
Год выпуска: 2006
Стиль: pop
Битрейт: 256
Ссылка: ftp/!!!Various Artists/VA - Monsieur Gainsbourg revisited

* 01. « A Song For Sorry Angel » (Franz ferdinand & Jane Birkin)
* 02. « I Love You (Me Either) » (Cat Power & Karen Elson)
* 03. « I Just Came To Tell You That Im Going » (Jarvis Cocker & Kid Loco)
* 04. « Requiem For Anna » (Portishead)
* 05. « Requiem For A Jerk » (Faultine, Brian Molko & Fran

Vinicio Capossela - Lindispensabile По просьбе [info]ptiza_ms

27,72 КБ

Исполнитель: Vinicio Capossela
Название альбома: Lindispensabile
Год выпуска: 2003
Стиль: Italian pop
Битрейт: 192
Ссылка: трек01

Lee Perry BalckBoard Jungle Dub (1973)

BASS: Familyman, Lloyd Parks, Bigga
DRUMS: Carlton Barrett, Tin Legs, Benbow, Horsemouth
GUITAR: Reggie
PIANO: Gladdy
ORGAN: Winston Wright, Glen Adams
PERCUSSION: Lee Perry, Scully

1. Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 1)
2. Rubba, Rubba Words
3. Cloak A Dagger (version 3)
4. Dub From Africa
5. Dreamland Dub
6. Pop Goes The Dread Dub
7. Fever Grass Dub
8. Sin Semilla Kaya Dub
9. Moving Forward
10. Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 2)
11. Kasha Macka Dub
12. Setta Iration Dub

Lee Perry directory

А нет ли у кого The Ventures ?
Благодарность за выкладывание не знала бы предела...

Удаление с фтп! Продолжаем освобождать FTP. 23 марта будут удалены следующие каталоги и папки:

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!!!Various Artists/Cristmas Music/ - - срок жизни продлен до 02 апреля
!!!Various Artists/Retro/
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!!!Various Artists/VA - 100 Solo/
!!!Various Artists/VA - American Surf Treasures Vol. 1
!!!Various Artists/VA - Bossa N Stones - 2005
!!!Various Artists/VA - Bossa Nova - The smoothest tunes for the coolest people - срок жизни продлен до 27 марта
!!!Various Artists/VA - Buddha Bar/
!!!Various Artists/VA - Chart hits of the sixties
!!!Various Artists/VA - Crime Jazz/ - срок жизни продлен до 01 апреля
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Greatest Hits - 1938
!!!Various Artists/VA - Grlz - Women Ahead Of Their Time
!!!Various Artists/VA - Highway 61 Revisited Revisited
!!!Various Artists/VA - Ho! #1. Roady Music From Vietnam 2000
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Jungle Exotica/
!!!Various Artists/VA - La Musica Della Mafia - срок жизни продлен до 14 апреля
!!!Various Artists/VA - Les Oiseaux De Passage - 2001 (Hommage a Georges Brassens)
!!!Various Artists/VA - Like Drops In The Ocean
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Loud Fast and Out of Control
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!!!Various Artists/VA - No New York - 1978
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Sounds of nature/ - </li>- срок жизни продлен до 01 апреля
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!!!Various Artists/VA - St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Superstars De La Chanson
!!!Various Artists/VA - Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 1
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!!!Various Artists/VA - Womeximizer 02/
!!!Various Artists/VA - invisible cities/
!!!Various Artists/Va - Arheologiya/
!!!Various Artists/Va - Board Boogie/

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