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Oldman (0:37:50): you are not herer

Oldman (0:38:53): thanks for you mail - i keep liking you more and more (is that possible - i alerady like you so much)

Polly (11:28:14): why didnt you sms me that yo was here?

Oldman (12:06:54): you here?

Polly (12:07:04): yes

Oldman (12:07:06): yipee

Polly (12:07:11):

Oldman (12:07:22):

Polly (12:07:52): diв ш disturb you so much yesterday? sorry for that

Oldman (12:08:00):  sorry should have been 5

Oldman (12:08:10): now not disturb

Oldman (12:08:16): no = now

Polly (12:08:23): i see

Oldman (12:08:35): just not always possible to reply your sms

Polly (12:08:41): ok

Oldman (12:08:53): yoiu never disturb

Oldman (12:09:11): it is onlya pleasure if you do

Polly (12:09:39): i was drunk a little yestersay so this intensify my feelings...

Oldman (12:09:51): drunk

Oldman (12:10:04): i respect you anyway - comrade

Polly (12:10:08): yes a little

Oldman (12:10:15): alone?

Oldman (12:10:26): or wirh friends?

Polly (12:10:29): NO

Polly (12:10:39): with a friend

Oldman (12:10:48): ah better



Oldman (13:22:50): Julietta, how are you today i somewhat have a headache and and a heartache. The headache is from vine etc and the heartache beacuse of you. I can ony stay 5 minutes now here, so i do not want to bother you getting here. I am going with some of the people yesterday to a place called Viareggio, i will try to catch you later. Hope you are ok today?

Oldman (15:25:01): I just got access to a computer for a short while - but of course you are not here . Hope you are outside enjoying the nice streets of SPb

Oldman (15:25:53): Miss you, miss you, miss you, princess. Mi manchi tanto

Oldman (19:09:44): i am here again - you never - have you found someone else? This time i will kill you then.

Oldman (20:02:34): Yipee

Polly (20:03:08): why are you hurry ?

Oldman (20:03:11): No?

Oldman (20:03:22): because i wont be here later

Polly (20:03:37): get back home?

Oldman (20:03:44): yes i am home

Oldman (20:04:18): were you out?

Oldman (20:04:28): sorry if i stressed you

Polly (20:04:43): no i am reading your msgs

Polly (20:05:00): i am ok today

Oldman (20:05:02): the sms?

Polly (20:05:28): no here -msgs you left for me

Oldman (20:05:35): good of course you are ok

Polly (20:05:50): Mi manchi tanto -what is this?

Oldman (20:05:59): I miss you a lot

Polly (20:06:11): me too

Oldman (20:06:25): but it sounds better

Oldman (20:06:29): thx

Polly (20:06:48): i love your msgs & sms

Oldman (20:07:06): oh you make me flush

Oldman (20:07:19): i know sometimes they are no good

Polly (20:07:37): not for me

Oldman (20:08:11): ok that is the only important thing

Polly (20:08:28): too slowly after yesterday party?

Oldman (20:08:44): me slow?

Polly (20:08:56): yes -not as usial

Polly (20:09:01):

Oldman (20:09:29): hmmm

Oldman (20:09:33):

Oldman (20:09:48): are you fully recovered?

Oldman (20:10:02): from your late night out?

Polly (20:10:37): no that was continued...

Oldman (20:10:46): what????

Polly (20:10:51): worry?

Oldman (20:11:00): well ....

Oldman (20:11:07): u are an attractive woman

Oldman (20:11:27): and very charning

Polly (20:11:41): evrybody why saw me got a pleasure

Oldman (20:12:00): yes so i should worry

Polly (20:12:00): why=who

Polly (20:12:37): and i worried about you))) strip women came?

Oldman (20:12:57): well not really - italians are pretty catholic

Polly (20:13:50): Havent catholics get fun?

Oldman (20:14:17): and of course i am nearly a married man

Oldman (20:14:28): well they can the younger ones

Polly (20:15:44): i know how it was/ you have very pretty time with drinks amd many young women and didnot even think one time about your virtual lady

Oldman (20:16:16):  are you the virtual lady?

Polly (20:16:28): yet

Oldman (20:17:13): not even my virtual lady?

Polly (20:17:27): dont call to prove opposite)))

Oldman (20:18:00): ha good idea

Polly (20:18:17): you have only good ideas

Polly (20:18:29): that impressed me very much

Oldman (20:18:32): is it a good idea?

Oldman (20:18:42): what - the good ideas

Oldman (20:19:06): or me calling - i can impress you again

Polly (20:19:17): no pls i said dont call me now -otherwise my heart will not let me sleep

Oldman (20:19:34): good

Polly (20:19:50): not good - i need to sleep this nite

Oldman (20:20:07): ha - what do you promise me if i dont call?

Polly (20:20:27): what can i promise you?

Oldman (20:20:34): yes what?

Oldman (20:20:48): be creative

Polly (20:21:03): you manipulate me

Oldman (20:21:26): no not yet

Oldman (20:21:32): sorry

Oldman (20:21:36): joke

Oldman (20:21:46): but dont change subject

Polly (20:22:08): ok ok i said - manipulate -and now you do it

Oldman (20:22:54): no

Oldman (20:23:15): you still havent told me what you will do if i dont call

Polly (20:23:28): you tell me

Oldman (20:23:45): you wouldnt want that

Polly (20:23:57): oh ...

Oldman (20:24:14): well exactly - you better choose

Polly (20:24:29): to much thought

Oldman (20:24:56): sorry i think yuor phone is about to ring

Oldman (20:25:07): dont answer

Oldman (20:25:12): its me

Oldman (20:26:55): told you not to answer

Oldman (20:27:24): when we chat and your phone rings it might be me

Oldman (20:27:36): but this time we talked nearly 1.5 minutes

Polly (20:28:03): i so why you make a call if you tell me do not answer i didnot cath?

Oldman (20:28:03): can you write with the same accent that you speak

Oldman (20:28:24): well if you dont want to talk

Polly (20:28:44): no -this accent is made by my special phone only

Oldman (20:28:55): what phone is that

Polly (20:29:30): so your call was accepted as you are calling from SPb (the number of SPb appeared)

Polly (20:29:43): phone -siemens SL55

Oldman (20:29:51): i am here in SPb

Polly (20:29:58): no

Oldman (20:29:59): maybe we can meet

Polly (20:30:09): really??????

Oldman (20:30:10): or you dont want

Polly (20:30:13): you are juking

Oldman (20:30:17): you saw the number

Polly (20:30:31): if i recall i will hear you?

Oldman (20:30:41): yes

Oldman (20:30:47): recall?

Oldman (20:30:59): wait i am insdie

Oldman (20:31:02): insdie

Oldman (20:31:05): sinside

Oldman (20:31:08): inside

Polly (20:31:24): no a faxmashine or smth like that answer

Oldman (20:31:27): 4 times to write inside

Oldman (20:31:29): your fault

Oldman (20:31:38): what

Oldman (20:32:09): you know who i work for right

Polly (20:32:14): i told you -your number appeared as- 78123203374 -bullshit?

Oldman (20:32:31): no why that is my number in spb

Polly (20:32:36): ahhhh i forgot... sorry...

Oldman (20:32:46): comrade

Oldman (20:32:53): are you having to many drinks

Polly (20:32:55): you caaled fron the Big House?

Oldman (20:32:59): da

Polly (20:33:17): no not yet -but after your calls -i wil be an alkoholic

Oldman (20:33:35): i make you drink?

Oldman (20:33:40): delirium?

Oldman (20:33:43): tremens

Polly (20:33:49): i have a finnland accent already - scared from KGB

Oldman (20:34:14): finnish accent dont you dare

Polly (20:34:19): he asks! of course! i am trembling!

Oldman (20:34:27): it is the ugliest language in the world

Polly (20:34:37): why is it so bad -finn. acc. ?

Oldman (20:34:43): trembling - lack of alcohol

Oldman (20:34:55): finnsih is an awful language

Polly (20:35:13): but you speak Finn?

Oldman (20:35:17): no

Oldman (20:35:26): but i know how it sounds

Oldman (20:35:35): been there quitre some time

Polly (20:35:40): normal sound

Oldman (20:35:53): no come on

Polly (20:36:03): danish is better?

Oldman (20:36:05): Julietta dont start to have a finnsih accent

Oldman (20:36:16): no danish is not much better

Polly (20:36:16): ok if you ask me

Oldman (20:36:26): i will divorce you

Polly (20:36:44): you are not married me!

Oldman (20:36:47): i wanted your for your russian accent - amonst many other things

Oldman (20:36:57): well not yet

Oldman (20:37:23): but if we do it is legal reason to divorce if ones wife has a finnish accent

Polly (20:37:27): not yettt???!!!!!

Oldman (20:37:46): what are all those ???!!!!!

Polly (20:38:02): just surprising of your words

Oldman (20:38:22): welll if you dont have that kind of thing in mind

Oldman (20:38:35): i can be with you without being married

Oldman (20:39:03): as long as i can be with you

Oldman (20:39:33): fell of the chair? drinking?

Oldman (20:39:40): suicide?

Oldman (20:40:17): angry

Oldman (20:40:32): screaming

Polly (20:40:41): ))) suicide and drinking after that for my health

Oldman (20:41:16): i can only say that i respect you

Oldman (20:41:31): you are a consequent woman

Polly (20:41:36): screaming and pull my hair off

Oldman (20:41:53): yes

Oldman (20:42:03): tell me more and tell me shy

Oldman (20:42:07): why not shy

Oldman (20:42:51): did i say something wrong?

Oldman (20:43:04): you are allergic to marriages?

Polly (20:43:05): no - by now

Oldman (20:43:13): by o bye

Oldman (20:43:17): by or bye

Polly (20:43:31): by

Oldman (20:43:37): are you leaving me because of what i said

Oldman (20:43:57): wait i will cancel that line

Oldman (20:44:44): Julietta

Oldman (20:44:45): alive or suiciding?

Polly (20:44:51): alive now

Oldman (20:45:43): what happened? i am getting confused?

Oldman (20:45:46): should i call you?

Polly (20:46:12): by thy way -if you are going to call me and after second you write -dont answer -i dont get it cos my phone is far from computer -in another room

Polly (20:46:29): no you dontt nedd to call me

Oldman (20:46:42): well you answer quite fast

Polly (20:46:54): will you be here later? i gotta go for a half an hour

Oldman (20:47:10): well late then

Oldman (20:47:27): i have some people coming here to taste my gorgeous cooking

Oldman (20:47:45): what has happened?

Oldman (20:48:10): Julietta - problems?

Polly (20:48:27): no not problems

Oldman (20:48:37): just before you leave

Polly (20:48:40): ok if you cant -its ok

Oldman (20:48:50): tell me why you suddenly didnt write any more

Oldman (20:49:21): did i really say something stupid?

Polly (20:49:33): nonono

Polly (20:49:41): isaid its ok

Polly (20:49:45): you are nice

Polly (20:50:02): i gotta go for 1/2 hour thats all

Polly (20:50:09):

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те самые выходные



вот какие мы большие :)

Интересно, что раньше очень часто снился один и тот же сон. Что я прихожу домой, поднимаюсь по лестнице, а последних двух пролетов к моей квартире -нет. Разрушены. И мне надо или прыгать как-то коряво, или вообще не добраться, или как-то умудряться по перилам, и во всех случаях это так же страшно как с крыши дома смотреть низ. Знаете, животик так схватывает. Интересно, к чему это вообще могло бы быть? Кстати, сейчас дано уже такое не снилось.

Для развлечения попробовали с подружкой зарегиться на каком-то сайте знакомств. Поймала себя на двух стереотипах-
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до седьмой про каждого второй думаешь- "Ну шо ж ты страшный такой" или " что такой красавец делает на сайте. Наверняка у него нет половины мозга".

Все (прописью- В_С_Е) мужики из Питера- не _ хотят_ быть _ спонсорами. А что так? Прямо клинический случай скупости.
В Москве про такую фразу даже и не слышали, приятно.

Да ну и все равно- как там можно умудриться познакомиться????

Хотя что это я, я ж по асе познакомилась в свое время..))

Кстати, мальчики!
Как вы отмазываетесь, если девушка вам не нравится?

я имею в виду, интеллигентно. Как?
"Не сейчас", "Я занят всегда" , " я бы не хотел"," ну что ж ты страшная такая", давай в следующий раз?"

Ну вот прилипла и намекает. Что тогда? Чтоб не обидеть? или это неважно уже?

К девочкам не пристаю, и так ясно, как мы отмазываемся)

сегодня ехала на маршрутке. еду и думаю- что ж так душевно, что ж так хорошо-то? Оказалось, водитель включил музыку и слушает- "Секрет", "Нау", "Алису".... и это в нашей-то глуши, аудиогербом для которой мог стать  "Владимирский централ"???? ну так приятно стало, что специально на водилу потом посмотрела- приятный дядька, лет сорока....

 [09.09.2007 22:39:55] Ertan says: http://youtube.com/watch?v=f51STkW4gFw

[09.09.2007 22:40:33] Ertan says: funny i just have read a book about that couple and the lion to my son))))

[11.09.2007 14:25:04] Ertan says: Lions name is Susan as far as i understand

[11.09.2007 14:25:28] Datch says: did he like the story?

[11.09.2007 14:25:49] Datch says: i am at work might not reply (hug)

[11.09.2007 14:26:39] Ertan says: well mostly i liked the story, there was no ending

[11.09.2007 14:27:00] Ertan says: you work it is normal dont worry dear ;)

[11.09.2007 14:29:10] Ertan says: (d)

[11.09.2007 14:30:11] Datch says: eh ... my work sux right now ... nothng norml about it

[11.09.2007 14:30:23] Datch says: (emo)

[11.09.2007 14:30:29] Ertan says: why sux? again i2????

[11.09.2007 14:30:40] Ertan says: :O

[11.09.2007 14:36:46] Datch says: not i2 ... i2 is long past ... i do contracting

[11.09.2007 14:36:52] Ertan says: look at this!!! I want a house here!!!! dream!!!! ;(;(


[11.09.2007 14:37:20] Datch says: a house here in Skype?

[11.09.2007 14:37:33] Ertan says: your contract is not good? why sux?

[11.09.2007 14:38:04] Ertan says: nonono i am just shoced and forget to give you a link)))http://www.domnamore.ru/fr_viewcottage/objectid/768

[11.09.2007 14:38:30] Datch says: my contract is ok moneywise (as usual), but the people here are plain idiots (Accenture - sigh)

[11.09.2007 14:38:55] Ertan says: you work in Russia definately)))

[11.09.2007 14:40:15] Datch says: if i did that it would be ok -after work at least here is just outright boring

[11.09.2007 14:40:33] Datch says: lots of russian chicks in russia very few here

[11.09.2007 14:40:43] Ertan says: Splitska!!!! Brach!! ;(;( wait for me, my house from dream world.....

[11.09.2007 14:40:58] Ertan says: oh yeah there veru few russian chicks))))

[11.09.2007 14:44:00] Ertan says: but to make you comfort, here are MASSES of idiots.  Yesterday i came back home at 3 am, was fixing mistakes that idiots made

[11.09.2007 14:45:30] Datch says: we are just o clever for this world you and me

[11.09.2007 14:46:14] Ertan says: are you respecting me? (beer)))))))

[11.09.2007 14:48:14] Ertan says: what you think are there lots of idiots in Croatia?

[11.09.2007 14:51:22] Ertan says: no definately this is a hit of season                         http://www.domnamore.ru/fr_viewcottage/objectid/768

[11.09.2007 20:32:25] Datch says: definitely all year - Croatia has good fascist traditions, they are all a bunch of bastards

[11.09.2007 20:48:35] Ertan says: really???? horror...

[11.09.2007 20:59:34] Ertan says: ok but the thing is i have got an idea-fix an really i am start thinking about byuing a propperty abroad. Now i have 2 caniates- Chesh republic, maybe it will be Prague, and Croatia or Montenegro. Chesh is more europinian and this is very big plus but Croatia has a SEA!!!.... Say, am i getting crazy?

[11.09.2007 21:11:54] Datch says: No Croatia is good for holidays - even better if the croatians went away. Are you so stinking rich now that you need to invest in property?

[11.09.2007 21:14:38] Ertan says: no i just need a dacha maybe))  preferably abroad an near a sea))

[11.09.2007 21:16:18] Ertan says: you getting home?

[11.09.2007 21:22:35] Datch says: yes i am home

[11.09.2007 21:22:57] Ertan says:  you are very fast)

[11.09.2007 21:24:28] Datch says: takes approx 12 minutes

[11.09.2007 21:24:47] Ertan says: ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

[11.09.2007 21:24:56] Datch says: hurts

[11.09.2007 21:25:03] Ertan says: very

[11.09.2007 21:25:36] Datch says: sorry takes longer for u?

[11.09.2007 21:26:30] Datch says: thought you already had a dacha? Need one more?

[11.09.2007 21:26:58] Ertan says: my way to work takes 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening and only yeaterday it took 9 min cos i was getting back at deep night and roads were empty!!!! damn Moscow

[11.09.2007 21:29:09] Ertan says: oh yes i have a dacha but it is really morass))) swamp and so on inspite of it is very close to Ladoga. I would like something more hot, you see?

[11.09.2007 21:30:28] Datch says: you see thats the advantage of a small town traffic is lighter

[11.09.2007 21:30:49] Datch says: yes i see you need a hot hut

[11.09.2007 21:36:46] Ertan says: yes exactly)

[11.09.2007 21:56:31] Datch says: which again proves that i am clever

[11.09.2007 21:58:08] Ertan says: who argues

[11.09.2007 22:00:10] Datch says: who would dare?

[11.09.2007 22:00:55] Ertan says: oh yes you have a spear, nobody woul dare)))

[11.09.2007 22:04:06] Datch says: well its not that long, but thanks anyway (inlove)

[11.09.2007 22:04:55] Ertan says: you are welcome)))

[11.09.2007 22:16:02] Datch says: here all day?

[11.09.2007 22:17:38] Ertan says: aha nothing to do

[11.09.2007 22:18:22] Datch says: oh dear .... you could always take a glass or two

[11.09.2007 22:18:35] Datch says: (d)(flex)

[11.09.2007 22:19:11] Ertan says: no i cant or i will become a real alcoholic

[11.09.2007 22:19:52] Datch says: become??????????????????????

[11.09.2007 22:21:02] Ertan says: yes WILL become

[11.09.2007 22:21:15] Ertan says: it means  NOT YET

[11.09.2007 22:21:55] Datch says: yes thats the prblem with your statement :)

[11.09.2007 22:22:13] Datch says: kinda negating reality

[11.09.2007 22:22:19] Ertan says: imagine i  am sitting at  some dating site and chatting with my amica))

[11.09.2007 22:22:37] Datch says: bu i guess that is typical for people with an lcohol problem?

[11.09.2007 22:23:10] Datch says: la tua amica - chi e?

[11.09.2007 22:23:40] Datch says: we could make a conference call here instead i always wanted to try two girls at the same time

[11.09.2007 22:23:42] Ertan says: i can give you a link)))

[11.09.2007 22:23:55] Datch says: oh yes lets have some fun

[11.09.2007 22:24:51] Ertan says: 6 sec

[11.09.2007 22:25:14] Datch says: fun for six secs only :(

[11.09.2007 22:29:37] Ertan says: here she is look                                                           http://www.loveplanet.ru/page/vlast1/

[11.09.2007 22:30:11] Datch says: God you are evil (devil)

[11.09.2007 22:30:17] Ertan says: why?

[11.09.2007 22:30:36] Ertan says: simpatica?

[11.09.2007 22:30:38] Datch says: or does she know

[11.09.2007 22:31:37] Datch says: cant see her just a tiny photo and then i need to register

[11.09.2007 22:32:13] Ertan says: tiny photo dear is clickable)))

[11.09.2007 22:32:21] Ertan says: but ok forget it

[11.09.2007 22:32:36] Datch says: yes but then i need  an account

[11.09.2007 22:32:54] Datch says: she looks qt, but small is it you?

[11.09.2007 22:33:00] Ertan says: it is just fun- she wanna dating i wanna dating and we chatting only to each other))

[11.09.2007 22:33:30] Ertan says: no it is not me i have dark hair she is blonie))

[11.09.2007 22:33:51] Datch says: yes that is not gonna work you nee to talk to men

[11.09.2007 22:34:33] Datch says: and why do you need anybody you have me? (pi)

[11.09.2007 22:34:49] Ertan says: good question)))

[11.09.2007 22:35:00] Datch says: and the good answer is?

[11.09.2007 22:35:48] Ertan says: ......thinking..........

[11.09.2007 22:36:24] Ertan says: (agree) or (disagree)

[11.09.2007 22:37:16] Datch says: (u)

[11.09.2007 22:37:31] Ertan says: oh no no

[11.09.2007 22:37:49] Ertan says: ok (h)?

[11.09.2007 22:38:05] Datch says: after the good answer we talk again

[11.09.2007 22:38:26] Ertan says: an by the way i am not evil

[11.09.2007 22:38:32] Ertan says: (devil)

[11.09.2007 22:40:13] Datch says: thats thegood answer?sigh

[11.09.2007 22:40:44] Ertan says: relax dear i love you

[11.09.2007 22:42:00] Datch says: so why are you hunting innocent men on that sex-site?

[11.09.2007 22:42:07] Datch says: i know, for sex of course

[11.09.2007 22:42:25] Ertan says: wait a min pls?

[11.09.2007 22:42:51] Datch says: sure

[11.09.2007 23:14:27] Ertan says: you still here?

[11.09.2007 23:14:33] Ertan says: (F)

[11.09.2007 23:14:58] Datch says: comng and going

[11.09.2007 23:15:09] Datch says: mostly going ot much coming

[11.09.2007 23:15:26] Ertan says: you play in computer games?

[11.09.2007 23:17:00] Datch says: nope

[11.09.2007 23:17:14] Ertan says: like Call of ген maybe?

[11.09.2007 23:17:26] Ertan says: Call of Duty

[11.09.2007 23:18:58] Datch says: no not my kinda game

[11.09.2007 23:19:12] Datch says: ген

[11.09.2007 23:20:49] Ertan says: you letter "i" ....

[11.09.2007 23:21:39] Datch says: that site where you chat with Svetlana that is sloooooow

[11.09.2007 23:22:25] Ertan says: after my son have played in Call of Duty letter "D" which actually was "grenade" was totally broken((

[11.09.2007 23:22:59] Ertan says: yes that site is boring and slow but Sveta cant manage to install icq on her computer)))

[11.09.2007 23:24:10] Datch says: understand if she meets noone there, maybe one message pr week, why dont you help her?

[11.09.2007 23:24:42] Ertan says: coz i am in Moscow and she is in Piter

[11.09.2007 23:25:46] Ertan says: all men on that site are assholes, for sure

[11.09.2007 23:26:04] Datch says: really, why?

[11.09.2007 23:27:22] Ertan says: arrange the point of dating for example and never come

[11.09.2007 23:27:58] Datch says: happened to you?

[11.09.2007 23:28:28] Ertan says: i dont unerstand why? It was already 3 times with Sveta it means that site is a bullshit

[11.09.2007 23:30:14] Datch says: no the dates are bs

[11.09.2007 23:30:34] Ertan says: but for fun the site is great and just we are learned not no believe every man)))

[11.09.2007 23:30:42] Ertan says: why dates are bs?

[11.09.2007 23:31:27] Datch says: you said so

[11.09.2007 23:32:55] Ertan says: you know i thought it would be a little bit easily to seek a husband to Sveta- but no it is very very hard there

[11.09.2007 23:33:19] Ertan says: and she is really great

[11.09.2007 23:33:21] Datch says: strange though

[11.09.2007 23:33:28] Ertan says: very

[11.09.2007 23:33:29] Datch says: are you recommend her?

[11.09.2007 23:33:34] Datch says: recommending

[11.09.2007 23:33:36] Ertan says: (punch)

[11.09.2007 23:33:43] Ertan says: your future

[11.09.2007 23:34:01] Ertan says: broken balls

[11.09.2007 23:34:29] Datch says: broken heart and broken balls

[11.09.2007 23:34:45] Ertan says: your broken heart or mine?

[11.09.2007 23:35:04] Datch says: mine, mine

[11.09.2007 23:35:12] Ertan says: why heart???

[11.09.2007 23:35:42] Ertan says: you have iron heart ear

[11.09.2007 23:35:46] Ertan says: dear

[11.09.2007 23:35:57] Datch says: yes an iron heart ear

[11.09.2007 23:36:09] Ertan says: horror, monster)))

[11.09.2007 23:36:11] Datch says: heart of stone

[11.09.2007 23:36:42] Ertan says: no heart of stone is other thing

[11.09.2007 23:36:49] Datch says: i need to get away from the computer a little

[11.09.2007 23:37:01] Ertan says: ok (handshake)

[11.09.2007 23:37:08] Datch says: talk to Sveta and ask her what she is looking for

[11.09.2007 23:37:18] Ertan says: for what?

[11.09.2007 23:37:41] Datch says: just while i am away then you won get bord

[11.09.2007 23:37:44] Datch says: bored

[11.09.2007 23:37:55] Ertan says: wont

[11.09.2007 23:38:13] Datch says: ok great, see youa short while

[11.09.2007 23:38:22] Ertan says: ok)

[11.09.2007 23:38:37] Datch says: youa means you in a

[11.09.2007 23:38:55] Ertan says: i understand)

[11.09.2007 23:38:59] Datch says: chat lingo 8)

[11.09.2007 23:39:17] Ertan says: no too much drinkin

[11.09.2007 23:44:20] Ertan says: Jensik if something wrong please forgive me i am really sorry- dont think that i am not taking you serious please and i never chat about you with Sveta. Just want you to know. And that time i have shown your photo to my amica- i am really sorry if it was offend you i really didnot want that.

[11.09.2007 23:44:23] Ertan says: гаааааа

[11.09.2007 23:44:30] Ertan says: ufffffff

[12.09.2007 1:35:10] Datch says: take it easy - i am not offended at all (h)(F)

[12.09.2007 1:35:40] Datch says: you can of course chat about anything with me

[12.09.2007 11:30:41] Ertan says: oh thank you you are unnormally kind today)))) :*

[12.09.2007 11:31:37] Datch says: why this story that i am offended? I like Sveta

[12.09.2007 11:34:10] Ertan says: i just thought you may offend on my chatting with Sveta about you? but i dont like gossip and ... ok maybe if you dont offend we close this topic?

[12.09.2007 11:34:28] Ertan says: And yes Sveta is really beautiful woman

[12.09.2007 11:50:32] Datch says: yes i like her a lot and we talk well

[12.09.2007 11:50:44] Datch says: and it seems she would not mind to come and viit

[12.09.2007 11:50:56] Datch says: visit , sorry

[12.09.2007 11:57:55] Ertan says: well ok farewell dear ;( i will always love you

[12.09.2007 11:59:31] Datch says: i know - always in this  remote manner

[12.09.2007 12:01:44] Ertan says: dear you in a bad mood?

[12.09.2007 12:02:58] Datch says: yes, told you that this place i am in sux big time

[12.09.2007 12:03:39] Datch says: but then i think about Sveta and my mood gets better ... mmmm

[12.09.2007 14:20:18] Ertan says: (u)

[12.09.2007 14:22:46] Datch says: why the broken heart?

[12.09.2007 14:43:53] Ertan says: you never say  than "mmmm" when thinking about me


[12.09.2007 16:10:20] Datch says: right, i sually have a lot more ms when thinking about you

[12.09.2007 22:46:04] Ertan says: Russian England- who win what you think?

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