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[13.09.2007 0:41:53] Ertan says: i am sending a ray of diarrhea to Owen

[13.09.2007 0:42:53] Datch says: england of course

[13.09.2007 0:47:47] Ertan says: 2 goals from Owen it was a mistake !!!!

[13.09.2007 0:48:05] Ertan says: the real goal is from Ferdinand only

[13.09.2007 0:48:14] Ertan says: damn damn damn!!!!!

[13.09.2007 3:49:03] Datch says: did you loose hun?

[13.09.2007 12:20:34] Ertan says: yep england won 3-0 an russians goal was not included

[13.09.2007 12:22:50] Datch says: not included??? Russia scored but nobody noticed? :)

[13.09.2007 12:31:27] Ertan says: russia scored but the arbiter which is from Sweden consider is as "hand helping" - if i tell you that there were no hand- you believe me?

[13.09.2007 12:33:24] Datch says: ok not a hand-job, the swedes cannot be trusted anyway they are a bunch of wankers, big time

[13.09.2007 12:33:42] Datch says: hmmmm ... hand-job

[13.09.2007 12:34:25] Ertan says: yes you always think only of this))))

[13.09.2007 12:40:09] Datch says: not always ... sometimes i think about other kind of jobs

[13.09.2007 17:05:05] Ertan says: imagine 4 days i have slept 3 hours per night and i have a panic attack again :S

[13.09.2007 17:16:52] Datch says: panic for what?

[13.09.2007 17:18:29] Ertan says: panic attack=diagnosis

[13.09.2007 17:26:34] Datch says: and what do you do then? panic of course ... but more specifically

[13.09.2007 17:56:23] Ertan says: well then i usually use yoga and the dog or eagle pose)))) it helps.....

[13.09.2007 17:57:46] Datch says: tyr the bear pose (hug)

[13.09.2007 17:57:51] Datch says: try...

[13.09.2007 18:15:35] Ertan says: i tried tu turn the head like his but my  head degan to swim((

[13.09.2007 18:17:42] Datch says: its only the ears you should move

[14.09.2007 13:33:33] Ertan says: Hi dear tell me what is the "well-paid job" for you ? please

[14.09.2007 13:35:09] Datch says: Just now i get 600 GBP/day, but i guess Moscow is an expensive place

[14.09.2007 13:36:46] Ertan says: ))))))) who  mentioned Moscow??? ;)

[14.09.2007 13:37:35] Ertan says: ?stop,you wanna work hear???????

[14.09.2007 13:40:48] Ertan says: wait you got 600 GBP per day but iamon ring was a problem????? oh God!!!!! :@(devil)(devil)

[14.09.2007 13:41:05] Datch says: yes sure, what other options do i have?

[14.09.2007 13:41:07] Ertan says: dear why you told me how much you earn, a?

[14.09.2007 13:41:40] Datch says: you asked what well paid is

[14.09.2007 13:42:28] Ertan says: well you can answer "well paid is/...." not " i get.."!!!

[14.09.2007 13:44:01] Datch says: just so you understand what i would require in case you can get me a job

[14.09.2007 13:45:41] Ertan says: i think that level of salary is impossible here if you are just an IT not a shareholder

[14.09.2007 13:46:33] Datch says: i am not "not just", if needed i can 1 share

[14.09.2007 13:50:34] Ertan says: oh sorry sorry of coz i know you are unic you are noy "just" and never be like that

[14.09.2007 13:51:17] Ertan says: (beer)

[14.09.2007 13:53:15] Ertan says: so you are rich too, richer than me)))

[14.09.2007 13:53:45] Datch says: cheers

[14.09.2007 13:54:02] Datch says: nooooo, you are better at spending your money wisely

[14.09.2007 13:54:28] Ertan says: wisely?

[14.09.2007 13:54:55] Datch says: yes wisely

[14.09.2007 13:55:02] Ertan says: how?

[14.09.2007 13:55:15] Ertan says: ( i am dumb today)

[14.09.2007 13:55:16] Datch says: sure you dont spend money on women and booze like me

[14.09.2007 13:56:00] Ertan says: you said you are not to drink much?

[14.09.2007 13:57:29] Datch says: right ... but quality costs

[14.09.2007 13:58:23] Ertan says: do you drink russian vodka?

[14.09.2007 13:59:19] Ertan says: (notice- all our conversations turn to vodka things))))

[14.09.2007 14:00:20] Datch says: if i do drink vodka i prefer the russian one, same for women

[14.09.2007 14:01:20] Ertan says: oh an expert )

[14.09.2007 14:01:42] Ertan says: and how much does cost russian vodka there?

[14.09.2007 14:03:45] Ertan says: just apporximately

[14.09.2007 14:04:37] Datch says: hard to buy expect those that are "international"

[14.09.2007 14:05:01] Datch says: but its more like buying champagne in the wrong places that consumes my budget

[14.09.2007 14:07:29] Ertan says: here alcohol is veryexpensive an me and my friends always buy bottles in duty-free shops abroad

[14.09.2007 14:10:40] Ertan says: normal for russians and good quality

[14.09.2007 14:12:37] Datch says: yes for those who can afford to travel that is of course an option, for me ... :(

[14.09.2007 14:13:10] Datch says: got a job-interview, see you later

[14.09.2007 14:14:21] Ertan says: ok good luck

[14.09.2007 14:14:36] Ertan says: i can send you vodka by post if you want)))

[14.09.2007 14:18:47] Datch says: sure (y)

[14.09.2007 14:19:26] Ertan says: anytime and i am serious)

[18.09.2007 22:03:22] Ertan says: hi dear miss you much

[18.09.2007 22:13:00] Ertan says: (F)

[19.09.2007 1:42:49] Datch says: what a declaration .... miss u 2

[19.09.2007 1:42:55] Datch says: (hug)

[19.09.2007 10:25:08] Ertan says: going to work?

[19.09.2007 10:25:20] Ertan says: my sweet bear

[19.09.2007 10:25:33] Datch says: yes quite soon - and you never work?

[19.09.2007 10:25:52] Ertan says: lets say i am never home

[19.09.2007 10:26:08] Datch says: well not to opposites

[19.09.2007 10:26:13] Datch says: ... two ..

[19.09.2007 10:32:01] Ertan says: i got raspberyy jam, very delicious,  and i prepared it by myself))) raspberry from my dacha, imagine

[19.09.2007 10:32:39] Datch says: cool - my little housewife

[19.09.2007 10:33:50] Ertan says: look what you say! you are ku-ku a little?

[19.09.2007 10:34:16] Datch says: non ho capito

[19.09.2007 10:35:14] Ertan says: wait a sec

[19.09.2007 10:38:00] Datch says: you, naked covered in jam that i can lick off?

[19.09.2007 10:38:02] Ertan says: oh i forgot- i am here via GPRS - very slowly... sorry

[19.09.2007 10:38:13] Ertan says: ))))))))))) no

[19.09.2007 10:38:22] Ertan says: just a pic

[19.09.2007 10:38:30] Ertan says: not me there

[19.09.2007 10:38:32] Datch says: why not, would be a great idea

[19.09.2007 10:38:49] Datch says: ok i got 20% now

[19.09.2007 10:38:54] Datch says: 27

[19.09.2007 10:39:04] Datch says: 31

[19.09.2007 10:39:12] Datch says: 37

[19.09.2007 10:39:15] Datch says: 47

[19.09.2007 10:39:52] Datch says: photo of the jam only?

[19.09.2007 10:40:27] Ertan says: how do you see it?- i pick a photocamera, then pick up a jam then get off my clothes then spread myself a jam and then make a shooting?

[19.09.2007 10:40:38] Datch says: better send when you are really online now you lost your connection

[19.09.2007 10:40:48] Ertan says: i feel you will be dissapointed by the pic(

[19.09.2007 10:41:46] Ertan says: well later maybe(

[19.09.2007 10:42:53] Ertan says: too much value for GPRS

[19.09.2007 10:43:38] Datch says: i gotta run, see ya later

[19.09.2007 10:43:52] Datch says: yeah

[19.09.2007 10:44:24] Datch says: sounds like the thing to do

[19.09.2007 10:44:52] Datch says: well at least the raspberries are there just your naked body missing

[19.09.2007 10:45:17] Datch says: i can get that next time

[19.09.2007 10:47:07] Ertan says: (o)(coffee)

[19.09.2007 10:47:23] Datch says: yes i am off

[19.09.2007 10:47:34] Ertan says: good day

[19.09.2007 10:47:46] Datch says: ty

[19.09.2007 23:45:34] Ertan says: what firewall you have installed on your comp tell me please?

[19.09.2007 23:45:48] Ertan says: if you dont mind

[22.09.2007 17:59:05] Ertan says: you offline anв my skype is being attacked by masses of sexy italians((((

[24.09.2007 20:00:47] Datch says: pc tools firewall

[24.09.2007 20:01:05] Ertan says: oh thanks)

[24.09.2007 20:03:24] Ertan says:  maybe :^) you know that Londons branch of Microsoft is a big shit?

[24.09.2007 20:03:58] Datch says: anythng from MS is shit

[24.09.2007 20:05:15] Ertan says: yes

[24.09.2007 20:05:43] Datch says: sorry can really chat right now, later ok?

[24.09.2007 20:05:53] Ertan says: ok :*

[25.09.2007 0:15:51] Ertan says: you currently available for talk or chat? ;)

[25.09.2007 0:16:34] Datch says: oh no i just love Gerrard, hes so qt

[25.09.2007 0:16:48] Datch says: or was it Rooney?

[25.09.2007 0:17:01] Ertan says: it was NO GERRARD!!!!! :D IT was ARSHAVIN

[25.09.2007 0:17:28] Datch says: who the heck s she?

[25.09.2007 0:17:33] Datch says: is

[25.09.2007 0:17:48] Ertan says: He is russian halfback

[25.09.2007 0:17:53] Datch says: and it is spelled shaving

[25.09.2007 0:18:10] Datch says: oh i see you like russian men now?

[25.09.2007 0:18:29] Ertan says: Arshavin plays in Zenith

[25.09.2007 0:18:50] Ertan says: no i just like him coz he mae goals and he is from SPb

[25.09.2007 0:19:00] Datch says: oh a fellow spb citizen

[25.09.2007 0:19:16] Datch says: altight comrade i forgive you

[25.09.2007 0:19:41] Ertan says: for what? you want Arshavin back? ;)

[25.09.2007 0:20:17] Ertan says: can you give me an advise?

[25.09.2007 0:20:28] Datch says: yes he has nice legs, i agree, advice?

[25.09.2007 0:20:44] Ertan says: yes advice

[25.09.2007 0:21:10] Datch says: certainly

[25.09.2007 0:21:24] Datch says: but it would not foloow it if i was you

[25.09.2007 0:21:35] Datch says: follow

[25.09.2007 0:25:15] Datch says: take your time :)

[25.09.2007 0:25:58] Ertan says: i need to improve  prouctivity of a Winows-2000 server and i have made all really all what Londons MS support tol us- but the resul is zero. I think the problem is in hard discs prosessing speed- but i am not sure... may be you know foreigh forums or chats where i can get a professional advice?

[25.09.2007 0:26:39] Datch says: what is the server doing?

[25.09.2007 0:27:24] Datch says: nothing professioal usually comes for free, the real experts does not use windows

[25.09.2007 0:27:49] Datch says: what is the bottleneck?

[25.09.2007 0:28:04] Datch says: you "think" it is the discs

[25.09.2007 0:28:13] Datch says: why

[25.09.2007 0:29:20] Ertan says: MS told us their prof supports cost 80 000 euro per year so i can pay but for real advices

[25.09.2007 0:30:18] Datch says: you are paying 80000 already?

[25.09.2007 0:30:28] Ertan says: cos all other eqiupment we changed as MS fellows instructed

[25.09.2007 0:30:34] Ertan says: no no no

[25.09.2007 0:30:51] Datch says: how many servers do you have?

[25.09.2007 0:32:04] Ertan says: many but only one self on Win 2000

[25.09.2007 0:33:53] Ertan says: it is look like all system waits when the hard disks  read information and it is too long

[25.09.2007 0:34:04] Datch says: looks like, meaning?

[25.09.2007 0:34:11] Ertan says: i go smoking

[25.09.2007 0:34:34] Datch says: ok

[25.09.2007 0:42:05] Ertan says: you know i understand servers like cow understans ballet but that  is all my system admin told me - so i deside to find a decision in internet if it is possibe i really dont know what to do- so i asked your advice


[25.09.2007 0:42:42] Datch says: well start by looking at the task manager

[25.09.2007 0:42:59] Ertan says: and?

[25.09.2007 0:43:56] Datch says: the process tab, you can add all kind of columns

[25.09.2007 0:44:24] Datch says: but i can take a look around for you, i usally dont care much about hw

[25.09.2007 0:46:27] Ertan says: me too

[25.09.2007 0:46:54] Ertan says: i am just tired

[25.09.2007 0:48:18] Datch says: me too

[25.09.2007 0:49:02] Ertan says: all can i tell you that this machine supplies around 300 shops

[25.09.2007 0:49:30] Ertan says: ok forget this i am sick about it :x

[25.09.2007 0:49:41] Datch says: one machine?

[25.09.2007 0:50:35] Datch says: lets try again tomorrow, i have been awake since 4am

[25.09.2007 0:51:03] Ertan says: ok dear dont mention it  i love you

[25.09.2007 0:51:17] Ertan says: go |-)

[25.09.2007 0:51:18] Datch says: love u 2

[25.09.2007 22:54:48] Ertan says: Lilia is total atas

[25.09.2007 22:55:35] Datch says: spanish?

[25.09.2007 22:55:52] Datch says: i need to go out to get some food

[25.09.2007 22:55:55] Ertan says: no, russian)

[25.09.2007 22:56:06] Datch says: oh russian

[25.09.2007 22:56:17] Datch says: means windows servers are shit?

[25.09.2007 22:56:27] Ertan says: atas= pizets

[25.09.2007 22:56:53] Ertan says: no it is not about win server although server it pizdets too

[25.09.2007 22:57:15] Ertan says: toay we were visited by a guy from MS))))

[25.09.2007 22:57:27] Datch says: atas = pizets , russian to russian translation?

[25.09.2007 22:58:11] Ertan says: well i ont know how to say it in english and "total shit" is very soft

[25.09.2007 22:58:41] Datch says: turd

[25.09.2007 22:58:50] Datch says: see you later

[26.09.2007 19:02:03] Ertan says: reading a love story about a knight and lady and crying


[27.09.2007 11:11:17] Ertan says: Have you seen new telephone PRADA?

[27.09.2007 11:11:36] Ertan says: ( although it is mae by LG)

[27.09.2007 11:15:39] Datch says: yes i have seen it looks nice, i have an LG Chocolate i got for free than one looks nice but it is really crap

[27.09.2007 11:15:56] Datch says: into latex now? mmmmmmmmmm

[27.09.2007 11:16:06] Ertan says: i knew you say that)))

[27.09.2007 11:18:08] Ertan says: you ont like latex? everyone yesterday liked that

[27.09.2007 11:18:09] Datch says: sorry gotta run, see you later

[27.09.2007 11:18:17] Ertan says: 8)ok

[27.09.2007 14:32:10] Ertan says: look this is Playboy in 90-s  http://sveta-my3blka.livejournal.com/70168.html?page=1&view=1212952

[27.09.2007 14:32:21] Ertan says: how natural they are

[28.09.2007 0:22:25] Ertan says: so?

[28.09.2007 0:23:56] Ertan says: (sun)

[28.09.2007 0:25:13] Datch says: 90s looks more like 60s

[28.09.2007 10:21:02] Ertan says: so?

[28.09.2007 10:35:52] Ertan says: (party)

[28.09.2007 10:38:52] Datch says: hi i was in the shower, naked so could not answer

[28.09.2007 10:39:12] Ertan says: naked?

[28.09.2007 10:39:52] Datch says: splitter naked

[28.09.2007 10:40:00] Ertan says: wow

[28.09.2007 10:40:26] Datch says: yes its a sight for gods, and now i am going to breakfast, dressed

[28.09.2007 10:40:52] Ertan says: why dressed, naked is more naturally

[28.09.2007 10:41:16] Datch says: its a hotel and i havent seen anyone naked a breakfast yet

[28.09.2007 10:41:54] Datch says: gotta run hough, a presto, bacione

[28.09.2007 11:21:06] Ertan says: wish you can congratulate me naked)))

[28.09.2007 20:48:22] Datch says: Sure, take of your clothes and  will congratulate you

[28.09.2007 20:51:57] Ertan says: (d)(d)(d)and (beer)

[28.09.2007 20:52:28] Datch says: yes i would love to get real drunk today

[28.09.2007 20:52:51] Ertan says:  i d like YOU to be naked)) first

[28.09.2007 20:53:36] Ertan says: as for me i took a half bottle of vine already

[28.09.2007 21:00:25] Datch says: i need to go buy some stuff, stay sober and   will be back

[28.09.2007 21:00:40] Datch says: ... I will be...

[28.09.2007 21:06:36] Ertan says: ..........back........

[28.09.2007 22:19:22] Ertan says: ...............tomorrow............

[28.09.2007 22:20:11] Datch says: ................................ now ..........................

[28.09.2007 22:20:23] Datch says: dont stress me woman

[28.09.2007 22:20:37] Ertan says: me? never

[28.09.2007 22:21:33] Ertan says: (angel)

[28.09.2007 22:21:39] Datch says: good then gve 20 minutes

[28.09.2007 22:21:57] Ertan says: for masturbation?

[28.09.2007 22:23:28] Datch says: no

[28.09.2007 22:24:18] Ertan says: for real sex?

[28.09.2007 22:26:49] Ertan says: oh i see not for real sex((((

[28.09.2007 22:27:09] Ertan says: for poo-poo maybe? ) pardon my french)

[28.09.2007 22:32:40] Ertan says: .......my guests coming soon....)))

[28.09.2007 22:33:09] Datch says: what is poo-po?

[28.09.2007 22:33:37] Datch says: sounds like youre into scat?

[28.09.2007 22:33:49] Ertan says: :x

[28.09.2007 22:39:36] Ertan says: Datch my patience almost ending :@

[28.09.2007 22:51:22] Ertan says: (envy)

[28.09.2007 22:51:27] Ertan says: я злая

[28.09.2007 23:02:49] Datch says: sorry

[28.09.2007 23:02:54] Datch says: dont stress me

[28.09.2007 23:03:20] Datch says: i am sorry mistress, please punsh me,  am your slave

[28.09.2007 23:09:24] Datch says: (envy)(yawn)(makeup)(hug)(F)

[28.09.2007 23:09:45] Datch says: are you masturbating?

[28.09.2007 23:10:19] Datch says: (o)

[29.09.2007 0:37:04] Ertan says: (wave)

[29.09.2007 0:37:15] Ertan says: hmmmmm punish you.........

[29.09.2007 0:37:24] Ertan says: let me think.................

[29.09.2007 0:37:54] Ertan says: you have to promice to satisfy my desire

[29.09.2007 0:58:59] Ertan says: bye good nite i idd inot got proper words from you today((( ;(

[29.09.2007 12:14:41] Ertan says: (sun)

[29.09.2007 12:15:08] Datch says: headache?

[29.09.2007 12:15:13] Ertan says: no

[29.09.2007 12:15:25] Ertan says: you?

[29.09.2007 12:15:37] Datch says: nope

[29.09.2007 12:15:59] Datch says: if i had it would be unfair as i did not drink anything

[29.09.2007 12:19:48] Ertan says: you did nnot?

[29.09.2007 12:21:32] Datch says: no but i am sure you did

[29.09.2007 12:34:05] Ertan says: i am cooking now)) cakes)

[29.09.2007 12:35:22] Datch says: cakes??

[29.09.2007 12:36:48] Ertan says: yes

[29.09.2007 12:37:10] Datch says: what kind of cake?

[29.09.2007 12:38:11] Ertan says: very v ery delicious))

[29.09.2007 12:38:24] Ertan says: i will send you a photo after all)

[29.09.2007 12:45:55] Ertan says: (^)

[29.09.2007 12:48:17] Datch says: yes great, then i can look and get hungry

[29.09.2007 12:51:46] Ertan says: thats it)

[29.09.2007 12:52:09] Ertan says: an fly here on the first plane ;)

[29.09.2007 12:52:37] Datch says: be sure that i can see you on the photo, that will make me even more hungry

[29.09.2007 12:53:29] Datch says: especially if you wear your short latex mini skirt

[29.09.2007 12:54:01] Datch says: i have to shower, dont look

[29.09.2007 12:57:12] Ertan says: take your webcam to the showre)

[29.09.2007 13:51:48] Datch says: to late

[29.09.2007 13:52:12] Datch says: i would have done that for you coz of your birthday

[29.09.2007 13:52:24] Datch says: but i am done showering

[29.09.2007 13:59:19] Ertan says: oh you noticed that i had a birthay??????? :O

[29.09.2007 16:03:23] Ertan says: (party)

[29.09.2007 16:09:29] Datch says: yes i thought i had sent an SMS but maybe i got interrupted in  the mddle of doing that

[29.09.2007 16:09:39] Datch says: 25 is a great age

[29.09.2007 16:09:53] Ertan says: no i am 24 only ;)

[29.09.2007 16:38:01] Datch says: yes but you look like 25

[29.09.2007 16:38:16] Datch says: the little wrinkle at your left eye

[29.09.2007 17:29:07] Ertan says: hmmmmmm  id id not get congratulationd from my best amica ( from Israel) from my brother Adam ( Berlin) and from you ( Datch)   - what the hell is it???

[29.09.2007 17:30:06] Datch says: because i am in Datch and i have no clue what that means

[29.09.2007 17:35:14] Ertan says: you know Adam also in Datch now)))-  something common))

[29.09.2007 17:36:01] Ertan says: sorry Datch means something unpleasant?

[29.09.2007 17:36:49] Datch says: no idea what it means

[29.09.2007 17:37:13] Ertan says: today you have no idea at all)

[29.09.2007 17:37:30] Datch says: do you mean the people who live in the Netherlands, the Dutch?

[29.09.2007 17:37:34] Ertan says: how about sex? "no idea" again?

[29.09.2007 17:38:06] Datch says: yes i do have ideas about sex

[29.09.2007 17:38:22] Ertan says: oh really? like what, for ex?

[29.09.2007 17:39:59] Datch says: my idea is to avoid it

[29.09.2007 17:40:19] Ertan says: )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (chuckle)

[29.09.2007 17:40:37] Datch says: like that idea?

[29.09.2007 17:40:43] Ertan says: power is gone away?

[29.09.2007 17:40:58] Datch says: i ran out of Viagra

[29.09.2007 17:41:02] Datch says: need new supplies

[29.09.2007 17:41:57] Ertan says: like BDSM dear?

[29.09.2007 17:43:39] Datch says: yeah thats cool - you?

[29.09.2007 17:44:10] Datch says: tell me bout your BSDM experinces i will be back soon

[29.09.2007 17:47:48] Ertan says: i did not ever got into Theam

[29.09.2007 17:52:04] Ertan says: vai, vai

[29.09.2007 17:52:09] Ertan says: a fanculo

[29.09.2007 20:38:42] Ertan says: Dialog)

[29.09.2007 20:38:45] Ertan says: <Sonium> someone speak python here?


<lucky> SSSSS

<Sonium> the programming language

[29.09.2007 20:42:03] Ertan says: <xxxGirlygirlxxx> Thank you for listening to me.

<xxxGirlygirlxxx> You know your a really good listener.

<xxxGirlygirlxxx> Sweety please say something.

<Sandaedar> Ok Im back.

[29.09.2007 20:57:19] Datch says: vaffanculo?

[29.09.2007 20:57:23] Datch says: perche

[29.09.2007 20:57:54] Ertan says: never mind

[29.09.2007 21:00:34] Datch says: not good enough as an answer

[29.09.2007 21:00:46] Datch says: you started to talk about bsdm

[29.09.2007 21:13:43] Ertan says: well that was  a kind of answer)

[29.09.2007 21:39:55] Datch says: hmmmm....bad conversation, or whatever we can call it

[29.09.2007 21:42:51] Ertan says: yes you are righr forgive me pls(

[29.09.2007 21:44:47] Ertan says: i am just in a ba mood a little- so nice weather an i have to all ay speak on mobile phone about work problems

[29.09.2007 21:55:35] Ertan says: damn that "D"!!!!! (devil)

[29.09.2007 22:02:30] Datch says: not your fault

[29.09.2007 22:02:56] Datch says: what work problems do you have on a saturrday? still your servers?

[29.09.2007 22:03:28] Ertan says: well yes and stupid idiots from accountant department

[29.09.2007 22:19:09] Datch says: hello goal

[29.09.2007 22:19:38] Datch says: what is your job? are you it-responsible?

[29.09.2007 22:25:56] Ertan says: no i told you i am a chief- accountant

[29.09.2007 22:31:38] Datch says: realy i dont listen then :(

[29.09.2007 22:31:59] Datch says: CFO

[29.09.2007 22:45:46] Ertan says: CFD

[29.09.2007 22:45:50] Ertan says: not O

[29.09.2007 22:46:57] Ertan says: you can also take your photo from web-cam an bring here)))  yes?

[29.09.2007 22:47:23] Ertan says: come one at least for a minute))

[29.09.2007 23:04:17] Ertan says: still hesitating?


Очень хочется суши с мартини. Пусть не кошерно, но страшно необходимо.

И кстати

Дочь деньрожденешная. Моя - та, что справа. Индивидуальный портрет сделать не получилось: модель выбегала из кадра аки дикий суслик. Согласилась сфотографироваться только с подружкой.
Торт - тоже мой хенд мейд. В общем, я сама от себя в полном восторге.


А хочется собрать гостей. Сидеть на кухне и пить вино и зеленый чай с яблочным пирогом. И трепаться обо всем. Об этом гребанном кризисе, и о политике, и о декларирование мечт, и о любви и нелегкой женской доле, и ржать над старыми анекдотами, и слушать древнюю музыку и разглядывать в сети прикольные ролики, и вспоминать про совок, и рассуждать про детей, и гадать на картах, и просто молчать. И чтобы никто не смотрел на часы, и расставаться под утро уставшими, и тихо заснуть с ощущением, что все хорошо.

UPD. Компания на завтра стихийно образуется. Но для полноценных разговоров о политике и примкнувшей к ней геополитике, критически мало мужчин. С этим надо что то делать.

семейное. сериал

Разлюбезный БМ рвет и мечет. Был яростен, глумлив, старался укусить побольнее. Это в ответ на напоминание, что час Х наступает в среду. Общие впечатления от общения - омерзительно. Дерьма на меня вылито вагон. В связи с чем всякое чувство неловкости у меня улетучилось. Подождем развития событий.

погордиться 2

Но, меж тем, свалян маленький набор елочных игрушек.

Блин, хреновый я фотограф. Они такие душевные живьем то, а на моей фотке - фигня какая-то.(((

злобная сука

Есть у меня одна давняя подруга, которая всю жизнь мне что-то доказывает. За 20 лет нашего знакомства было всякое и мы, я и она, несколько раз меняли жизненные амплуа, статусы, мужей, работы и состояния души. Неизменным оставалось только одно - ее постоянная гонка за мной. Причем в какие то моменты, например как сейчас - это была гонка ради гонки, у нее нет смысла и оснований, это погоня за какой то выдуманной моей тенью, вымышленным образом меня, не имеющим ко мне реальной никакого отношения.
Гонка почти всегда выглядела одинаково и суть ее составляли "женские" шпильки типа "ой, смотри, а фигура то у тебя с возрастом меняется", и бесконечные понты. Благо для понтов у подруги сейчас оснований достаточно. Справедливости ради надо заметить, что достигла она в жизни больше чем я, самостоятельно стала очень обеспеченной дамой и вращается в "правильных" кругах. По остальным параметрам все то же: разведена, есть маленький ребенок.
Обычно ее звонки - это бесконечное перечисление светских тусовок, которые она посетила, неймдропинг на уровне желтой прессы, и ахи по поводу вечерних платьев. Как вы уже догадались по моему ЖЖ (те, кто меня не знает лично) все вышеперечисленное, мягко говоря, не мой ассортимент. Традиционно я выслушивала эти излияния (а они могли продолжаться по часу)  в пол уха, и почему то никогда особо не позволяла себя стебануть ее. Что вообще странно, поскольку репутацию злобной суки в глазах многих моих знакомых, я несу не первый год.
Сегодняшний звонок не отличался оригинальностью. Опять где-то тусовалась, опять вечерние платься с которыми "прямо беда какая-то", опять набор имен знаменитостей, с которыми удалось вась-вась. Но то ли от температуры, то ли с депрессухи, я как то очень жестко наехала, включила "злобную суку" в полном объеме. И, о чудо! Подружка моя начала запинаться, что то блеять, но самое главное, разговор закончился минут через 10.
Нехорошо наверно, но я почувствовала праведное удовлетворение. Просто настроение поднялось. Моя внутренняя "злобная сука" очередной раз доказала, что способна приносить мне массу позитива. Пожалуй, я пока не буду с ней прощаться))))
Как то так.

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